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It is the responsibility of the packager/shipper (173.22), not the container manufacturer, to determine the proper package specification for each lading. The shipper determines that the drum is authorized, assembled and marked for packaging. The shipper may request a certificate of compliance from the manufacturer to demonstrate that each container conforms to the performance testing provisions in §178.600.?


It is the shipper’s responsibility to assemble the container for shipment in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions?


Drums marked on the bottom 1.2/0.9/1.2mm or 1.0mm are not reconditionable for transporting hazardous materials?


A HAZMAT employee is anyone who during the course of their job can effect the safe transportation of hazardous materials.


"1A2” in the UN Marking UN 1A2/Y1.5/100 represents “drum, steel, tighthead steel drum?”


“Y1.5” in the UN Marking UN 1A1/Y1.5/150 represents “the specific gravity of a PG II Material to which the container has been tested?”


“150” in the UN Marking UN 1A1/Y1.5/150 represents the maximum hydrostatic pressure in kPa (kilopascals) rating.


The 4 tests that must be performed annually to a package for periodic retesting for transport liquids in non-bulk packaging are: drop, stack, hydrostatic and leakproofness?


The maximum net mass of solid materials that can be placed into a non-bulk container is 400 kilograms or 880 pounds.


DOT’s 49 CFR 173.29 states that all openings on an empty container must be closed, and that all markings and labels must be in place as if the container were full of its original contents?


An IBC which is tested and marked for Packing Group II liquid materials may be filled with a Packing Group III liquid material to a gross mass not exceeding 1.5 times the maximum gross mass marked on that container, if all the performance criteria can still be met at the higher gross mass?


"2037” in the UN Marking “31HA1/Y/0207/USA/M4567/4056/2037/1060L/60kg/100kPa” represents the gross mass of an IBC?


During transportation, 1800kg can be placed on top of an IBC with the below label?